October 16, 2015 | El: En, Mozilla

[Participation] What I’ve been doing

Participation team working at whistler

I will start this post saying that it was my intention to write more regularly than this… in the end, work, lack of time and several other reasons (who says procrastination?), made that idea kinda impossible. So here I am, trying to justify why I’m back to the writing.

Back in February I’ve made my transition to the Participation Team, and the way that I used to work had changed a little. While we always work on the open (we are Mozilla), we don’t have always the chance to show what we do in our day to day basis. That’s why our team decided to work based on Heartbeats, which are basically Github issues with goals or objectives to be achieved in 3 weeks. Every 3 weeks we review the current issues and explain what we did, and if we succeed. Those issues can be seeing by anyone, and it’s easy to see the steps we followed.

A couple of Heartbeats ago, we decided to review the way we select/nominate/invite mozillians to Mozilla events, and we define 3 big events from November to January to improve the impact that our contributor/volunteers participate. The Global Gatherings are a new way of community involvement in events like the All Hands, and we expect to see some results in short and medium term.

So over the last 2 weeks, I was helping to coordinate, assist and organise volunteers presence for Mozfest (in November) and All Hands (in December). The whole process is not easy, and involves a lot of time. Also, I’ve started the process to coordinate the logistics for the Leadership Summit (in January).

And to add more stuff to do, I was busy with other stuff like secure our presence in OSCON Europe (to be held in Amsterdam at the end of October), and started to confirm our presence in FOSDEM next year.

But obviously I’m not alone in all this, the community is key part of the presence for those events, and the team is working very hard in finalise the content, objectives and all the things you can imagine to have a great event. The Global Gatherings are a big challenge for our team, and we want to show that we can improve and boost our community. I will keep posting the progress in the following weeks, so hopefully I will have a reason to post more often here.

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