October 30, 2015 | El: En, Mozilla

[Participation] Events ongoing


The last 2 weeks has been intense, for saying in a way. Since I promised myself to write every 2 weeks, here’s the “report” from what I’ve been doing on these days:

  • Global Gatherings:
    • Mozfest is almost just around the corner. Next week around 38 volunteers from different communities will be attending the event sponsored by the Participation team. This means that logistics and coordination are a key part of this. We were working on solve some issues with hotels, visas, and travels. Hopefully we don’t have to solve any last minute issue.
    • Orlando (or Mozlando) is also underway. We have more time to prepare this, but nowadays, I can say that we are in the last steps of the preparation for volunteers. Visa letters and hotel confirmation has been sent. If you don’t receive this, please get in contact with me. More information will be soon communicated to the volunteers that will be attending.
    • Leadership Summit is the last but not the less important. We are finalising the logistics details, we have the hotel, and we are securing the venue. Hopefully we will communicate all this next week. In any case, we are still working on how we will proceed with the second round for the selection process, since we still have some seats available. If you want to know about the options, please take a look in the Discourse topic.
  • OSCON Europe: I’ve participated in this event that was held in Amsterdam from October 26th to 28th. While has a great name in US, the European edition was smaller. We had a Mozilla booth in the non-profit area, and we connect with several people. Demoed the Firefox OS devices, and talk with other projects. We surely see some familiar faces in FOSDEM.
  • FOSDEM: We just open the call for papers for the Mozilla DevRoom. We are starting to evaluate our presence for next edition, and we are waiting for the organisers that will be publishing the Code of Conduct of the event, which we think is necessary to make the event even more open and inclusive. Probably next week we will be publishing the call for volunteers. The criteria will be similar to previous year, but with some additions.
  • Codemotion Madrid: We are planning the Mozilla presence in this event, that will be take place at the end of next month, so the idea is to test a new approach for events where we have a booth, and we are trying to promote the community.

Aside this, more stuff will come, so hopefully I will be able to comment and write it here… which is becoming like a journal actually.

Feel free to reach me in the comments for this topic, or on my twitter, email, or other communications channel.

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