June 12, 2015 | El: En, Mozilla

Preparing to Whistler WorkWeek

Mozilla Summit 2010

Next week I will be traveling to attend a new Mozilla Workweek, or an All-Hands meeting if you prefer to name it that way. It will take place in Whistler, Canada, from the 22nd till the 27th. And while it will be my second workweek, this time it feels like completely new.

In case that you don’t know what a workweek is, I suggest to check this FAQ in Discourse, where we cover the most “conflicting” topics that you may raise, or you may ask to yourself. But basically, a workweek is for teams that usually work on remote, to get together and advance with their goals for the rest of the year, define objectives, and get to know each other better.

From the participation team, we are working to be sure that the volunteers has all the information, and are aware of what their teams expect from them, working also with the teams to sync with the volunteers about what they want to achieve during this week.

We are expecting around 85 volunteers from all over the world, and that means a lot of logistics, so we need to be sure that everything is under control. We recently sent an email with some tips and advises, and we will be working until last minute to assure that everyone arrives safe and in one piece (and with the luggage included).

One of the outcomes that we expect is that the other teams improve the way that they work with volunteers (specially during the event), and that other teams knows what our team is trying to accomplish, and what Participation means for them.

We will have also time for some fun, but basically it’s a 4 day work week, where we will be a lot of new things to work on, and we hope that this time, volunteers will have an important role working with the teams that invites them, and that for further workweeks, we can connect better between mozillians.

If you are going to Whistler and need more info, help, support, or confirm that everything is in order, don’t hesitate to drop me some lines in an email.

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