November 25, 2014 | El: En, Mozilla

Codemotion: becoming a reference

2014-11-22 11.35.37Over the last weekend (November 21st and 22nd), it took place the third edition of Codemotion in Madrid. An event that aims to be a reference for developers events in Madrid, and in Spain specifically. While the format is kinda “imported” from Italy, we can surely say that it has its own place, and it becomes a reference on technological events nowadays.

That implies that is interesting to participate, be there and be part of it. Although this year, they tried to open the participation scope, I think that for next year, it would be ideal to keep the spirit from the first edition. Focus only on development, and bring more people from outside so they can share their experience, or talk about their work. In any case, I would suggest to include an intermedium level in the talks, since the program has begginer talks (even though, I can’t say which kind of basic skills they thought), or advanced. If your audience has already a good knowledge, you can have the risk of setting the bar too high.

Regarding our community, we have decided the participation since they’ve invited us to the first event planning. That meeting was more intended to bring together all the communities, and have some feedback previous to the actual planning of the event. And I think it went very well. Communities had the opportunity to present in some talks at the event, so people can know that behind those projects, there is a group of people fighting for moving that forward, or at least to let them know that there is passionate people behind those projects.

In this opportunity, we had 2 talks and a booth, where people could see and test some Firefox OS devices, get stickers, buttons, and other surprises. For this time we’d thought that a good way to connect with the audience would be having a contest to upload their apps to the marketplace, so they could have the chance to win a Firefox T-shirt. In one of the talks we proposed this idea: create an app from a webpage already made. With a few simple steps, create an app, with a manifest included.

Along the event, around 5 to 7 people came by and won a Firefox T-shirt, only for uploading their web to the marketplace (to name a few: a productivity timer, and a local newspaper). Only this proved the power of the web, that allows to easily create an app for Firefox OS.

All in all, we connect with the people thanks to that idea, we also met with old friends, and we’ve enjoyed an event that is creating its own space in the tech events ambience. We hope that in its next edition they maintain the level, so we can definitely say that Codemotion is a reference in Spain.

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