November 21, 2014 | El: En, Mozilla

A little contribution

Thanks to Mozilla, I had the pleasure to participate in Øredev. An event that took place in Malmö (Sweden), on November 4th to 7th. And not only that, I also had the opportunity to be at the same event with Soumya Chakraborty and Oliver Propst, the most active members of the nordic communities nowadays.

It was interesting to realize that events that are intended for the same type of audience, people asking almost the same questions everywhere. Happened on Mobile World Congress, and in Øredev too. As occured to me at every spanish event tech oriented (or web-developer oriented), people were curious about Firefox OS and its road map, express their interest in know a little more about the project, and what Mozilla is doing.

On Wednesday 5th, I’ve been requested to go to help the swedish community for this event, and after a long trip of 9 hours, and 2 layovers, I finally arrived to Malmö, a nice city, with a vibrant activity, and this event proves that there is a lot of interest for new technologies in Sweden.

I was helping at the booth with Soumya and Oliver, shared some stories about my experience at other events in Spain, and tried to help them as much as possible with the amount of people that stepped at the booth.

2014-11-07 13.34.24The booth looked pretty awesome and it was one of the busiest stands at the event. We had a TV monitor that leaks the new features of the Developer Browser edition, which also caught the attention of many of the people that ask for a button or sticker. Or simply look the Flame devices that we have there.

All in all, a good experience for me, for the travel, and the experience of having the opportunity to attend an event in another country. I also had to thanks Soumya and Oliver for being such awesome reps, and for make me feel like I’m at home 😉

I probably go back to Malmö to visit the castle, and taste swedish food, but that’s for the next time.

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