November 20, 2014 | El: En, Mozilla

10 years of freedom of choice

For those who didn’t realized yet, on November 9th, we celebrated 10 years of Firefox. A browser that brought a fresh air to the web and the prevailing monopoly at that time.

After 10 years, Firefox is still there, moving, fighting against monopolies, surveillance and closed ecosystems. Throwing light about net neutrality, thinking on users first. And giving the most important tool: A freedom of choice.

I still remember using Mozilla Suite 0.9.3, and the change to Phoenix, Firebird and then Firefox. Those were exciting years, where the enemy was Microsoft and IE with its 95% of market share. Now there are other battles, but users have more options available to choice. We need to look to the future and think on the next adventure for Mozilla.

To face this new challenges, yesterday it was announced a new agreement with Yahoo! for the search engine. Things are still exciting and the web is still a place that we should take care of.


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