October 28, 2014 | El: En, Mozilla

Mozilla Hispano in Valencia again

On October 18th we’ve been once again in Valencia to present the new features that brings Firefox OS, and to talk a little about our community. The venue that we choose this time was Las Naves, a co-working space with a lot of activities and many events nowadays.

While this time the event was shorter than we used to have, we didn’t missed the opportunity to talk about what is Mozilla, how to contribute in the Mozilla Hispano community, and the development of Firefox OS. We had also the opportunity to demo how marketplace works, and the new version 2.0 of the mobile OS.


As always, we had the priceless help from Angel and Fernando, our local mozillians, who made the arrangements to get the venue, and Adrián Crespo, a Rep that will be mentioned several times from now on.

While the attendees weren’t so many, Adrian and Fernando could explain them where is the development of Firefox OS at this moments, and the new features that includes, and will be included in next releases. The audience were primary web-developers, so we didn’t have to dig too much in the details, or be careful for using tech language.

At the end we had time for networking, and we could talk more with the attendees in a 1:1 way. We’ve found that some of them were working on providing apps that runs on several platforms, and they would like to know how Firefox OS will fit in their development ideas.


So all in all a good event again, we found new opportunities to have presence in Valencia, people are excited to know better about the new projects by Mozilla, and we had the opportunity to show how our community works.

Hopefully we will return to Valencia pretty soon.

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